Why you should opt in for a SSL Certificate?
To increase trustworthy and  confidence of consumers , since 85% avoid unsecured websites.

SSL Certificates propel your site in Google rankins.
Google claim that HTTPS-encryption available only through SSL certificates-represent a positive factor for your website ranking in Google searches

What are the advantages of a SSL Certificate?
Guarantees a truthfully identity of your site who will get a collateral security in the eyes of your visitors and consumers. It will differentiate you in front of an uncertified competitor, leading to an increase in online sales.

How long it takes until the activation of an SSL certificate?
Usually it takes up to 24-48 hours since the payment has been made.

What is an extended SSL certificate-SSL EV?
Extended SSL certificate, is the highest class of SSL encryption available nowadays; it activates both the lock and green address bar over all browsers 

What is a Wildcard  SSL Certificate?
Wildcard  SSL Certificate secure a domain and an unlimited numbers of sub-domains of that domain. For instance you can  secure www.domain-name.com, www.blog.domain-name.com, or www.shop.domain-name.com using the same certificate.

SSL certificates have all the characteristics you’ll need :
-are compatible with all browsers and devices ;
-support heavy encryption SHA-2 and 2048-bit.

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