Local SEO

Conceptually, local SEO is very simple. It’s a strategy to associate your brand with a specific location, usually a city or a region, so that it appears in local searches. For example, if you own a taco bar in Chicago, Illinois local SEO can ensure your business appears for people in Chicago searching for taco establishments, or for people looking for taco establishments in and around Chicago. The process is more complex than this, but the basic concept is easy to understand.

A similar process is for video SEO with the mention that we can use videos for your business to be found on 1st page of Google. Why videos?  You can find more info’s here 

Search Engine Optimized videos

The widely known speaker, trainer and coacher in building your business and increase your sales areas, Lorand Soares Szasz offered me the challenge to optimize one of his videos in order to be found on 1st page of Google for keyword…”lorand soares szasz“.
At a first glance you may think it was a nice and easy gig, but since this guy it’s not just a “name” but a “brand” the project was among the most challenging ones for me….
Anyway I’ve done it: his video can be found where it’s belong :on the first page of Google, of course 🙂

One of my first int’l projects in this area was for a customer living in Tampa Bay, FL, whereto I’ve ranked a video on google.com 1st page  for the following keyword: scorpion coatings, largo florida

Here is a video on 1st page for keywords as :”servicii stomatologice pitesti

Other videos from Magna Development that I’ve ranked on page 1 of google are  :
„livezi de pomi fructiferi cu bani europeni”
„afaceri in pomicultura cu bani europeni” 

infiintare livezi cu fonduri europene” this one dropped on 2nd  page of  google.ro but it can regain his position on 1st page; it all depends of the customer’s budget 🙂

On page 1 of google.ro we also find some videos from Pro Broker Targoviste  ranked for keywords like:

” asigurarea casco rider city” 

” polita casco econom “

Also from Idea Group I have a couple of videos ranked on top of google’s 1st page for keywords like :
“management vizual pitesti”
“elemente de signalistica”

“volumetrii LED”

Finally, despite the fact that I don’t own a beauty salon I’ve ranked a video for this keyword cel mai bun salon de infrumusetare din pitesti ” which stands for “best beauty salon in pitestiin english, just for fun 🙂 and for potential customers like you!

Do you want your business to be found by your customers living in the neighborhood?
Then you need to optimize it in accordance with Google “guidelines” 🙂

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